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    by Asad Badruddin

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    I'm a writer, creative and podcaster


    I put the ugh in THOT leader

    My current deep dives are storytelling, negotiations & relationships, and dance.


    My life’s experiences seep through in what I put out in the world. My mom, aunt and grandmother swear I came into this world determined to never sit still. I moved to the United States from Pakistan when I was 18. I started a non-profit and closed it down. I’ve crushed it in software sales and have also gotten destroyed in sales. Seemingly spontaneously in my late 20s I started becoming really funny. I’ve spent a chunk of time in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


    I'm also interested in Jungian Psychology, Mythology, Abrahamic Religions, Masculinity and the Art of Learning.


    I focus on the real world application of these ideas.


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