Getting Stuck in Dreams?

Interview with Alyssa Polizzi

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Alyssa Polizzi is an an Educator and Coach who helps her clients with dream interpretation, tarot, active imagination and other services. We sat down for a virtual conversation.

See above for a snippet of the conversation looking at dreams. For the rest of the conversation see the audio recording below:

  • 3:48: How her Catholic upbringing influenced her attitude to religion and prayer

  • 10:12 What does she make of the nightmares she had as a child?
  • 13:19: Prayer, active imagination and the transcendent function

  • 19:33: How did Alyssa teach herself all these concepts?

  • 22:07: The body as blindspot in Jungian psychology

  • 30:01: Who does Alyssa look up to?

  • 33:12: How does Alyssa use typology to understand herself and advice for following your intuition

  • 42:28: Getting stuck while analyzing dreams

You can find more about Alyssa on her website and on the Golden Shadow podcast.